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Welcome to BIXEPS!

Our technology enables the frail and elderly to experience the benefits of exercising without physical strain. Find out more about BIXEPS including the science, benefits, safety and Q&As below.

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What is BIXEPS?

BIXEPS is a muscle-activation device that aims to improve muscle energetics by using specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) technology designed in Switzerland and developed in Singapore.

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Our Technology


1. BIXEPS magnetic fields activate the mitochondria in our muscles.

2. Activated mitochondria improves in performance overtime through adaptation.

3. Activated muscles release beneficial myokines throughout our body.

Effects for the whole body:

  • reduce inflammation

  • improve metabolism

  • regeneration

What is mitochondria?

Mitochondria is found within our muscle cells and its primary job is to provide energy for our muscles to do work. BIXEPS signals provide the stress needed for it to adapt and improve overtime. Hence, stronger muscles and improved endurance.

What are myokines?

Myokines are a group of proteins that are released into our bloodstreams whenever we exercise. They travel throughout our body bringing benefits such as regulation of inflammation, cells regeneration, and metabolism. This is especially useful if users have inflammatory issues other parts of body other than legs.

Benefits of BIXEPS

By improving mitochondrial function and the release of myokines, users get to enjoy at least one of the following benefits below.

Improved Mobility

Frail or elderly individuals typically see improvement in lower limb strength, balance, and walking ability. Hence, reducing the risk of falling.

Increased Energy Levels

With improved mitochondrial function, our muscles are able to produce and use energy more efficiently, leading to increased energy levels for the body. 

Sports Recovery

With improved muscle energetics, active individuals may find shorter periods of recovery in between trainings and improved endurance due to the improved mitochondrial function.

Is BIXEPS safe for me?

BIXEPS uses safe and gentle electromagnetic fields at a low frequency of 10kHz and at the strength of 1miliTesla which is at the same range as most household appliances. However, please take note of the following contraindications:

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Important Points to Take Note

Before you proceed, please read the following information carefully: 

Benefits accumulate over time, not immediately.

Just like exercising, our body adapts to the stress  from BIXEPS signals and the effects accumulate exponentially with time. Hence, doing just one time will not yield any significant effects.

There is no sensation when using BIXEPS.

As the effect is taking place at the cellular level, it is normal for users to not feel any sensation during therapy. Some users may feel a mild tingling or warmth sensation.

Using BIXEPS for 10 minutes per leg, once a week is enough.

Based on our existing data, 10 minutes of BIXEPS per leg per week is enough for our body to get stronger with time. Doing more (twice a week or two legs per session) does not guarantee better results.

BIXEPS is for the whole body, even if only used on the thigh muscle.

The larger muscles we activate, the larger the myokines effects of BIXEPS that benefits the whole body. Hence, we always target the upper thigh muscles even if the issue may be at other areas (feet, neck, shoulder, etc.).

Have Questions?

  • Is BIXEPS safe?
    BIXEPS is safe and reliable. It uses low frequency and low energy electromagnetic fields that are safe and non-ionising (100Hz - 10KHz range). These signals have magnetic field strengths that are a thousand times less than conventional MRI equipment, and are at levels similar to those of everyday household appliances like hair dryers or shavers. BIXEPS devices meet international electrical and electromagnetic safety standards (IEC 60601, ICNIRP) and have been certified safe for use by partner hospitals.
  • Will I feel anything when I use BIXEPS?
    The magnetic fields produced by BIXEPS are deceptively mild, but effective. They are within the realm of the natural magnetic fields produced by the Earth, only about 10-20 times larger. Therefore, our fields modulate the same biochemical processes that are governed by the Earth’s magnetic fields. Our proprietary technology lies in our ability to finely tune and deliver safe and uniform BIXEPS fields to the desired volumes of muscle. Different users report having different sensations while using BIXEPS, namely: slight warmth in their muscles, a tingling sensation, slight cooling or numbness in their legs or other parts of the body. A large number of users also report having no perceivable sensation. BIXEPS is safe and reliable, but should you experience pain or discomfort while using BIXEPS or at any time after, do stop and let your trainer, caregiver or doctor know.
  • Can I use BIXEPS if I have implants?
    Users with Active Electronic Implants like Pacemakers and Defribrillators should NOT use the BIXEPS device. Persons with passive implants who are able to go for MRI, can safely use BIXEPS. Dental implants and modern passive implants that are non-ferromagnetic are allowably used with much more powerful magnetic medical equipment like the MRI (that operates at field strengths a 1000x stronger than BIXEPS). Some older implants are “weakly magnetic” and are safe for MRI 6 weeks after surgery, these implants are safe to use with BIXEPS too (Institute for Magnetic Resonance Safety, Education and Research). Users who are unsure about the type of implants they have, and are unsure about using BIXEPS should consult with their doctors too.
  • Does clothing interfere with BIXEPS fields?
    No. The fields are designed to safely and gently reach deep into your muscles to activate the mitochondria within cells. These fields are not affected by clothing and shoes.
  • Why is each BIXEPS session only 10 minutes?
    Based on our scientific research, 10 minutes of exposure to BIXEPS fields yields optimal benefits. Shorter or longer exposures to the fields have been shown to render less mitochondria activity and therefore have less of an effect.
  • Will I get better results if I use BIXEPS more frequently?
    More frequent use of BIXEPS does not necessarily lead to better results. Similar to physical exercise, your body and muscles require a few days to respond and adapt to the physical challenges, but ultimately recover fitter / stronger / better able to deal with these challenges. The body adapts to BIXEPS in the same way. Our research has shown that muscles adapt to BIXEPS stimulation by recruiting more mitochondria to create more energy which over time leads to higher levels of energy in the muscles, but the process needs to be undertaken incrementally; we need to be patient and steadfast as good things come in small quantities. Weekly sessions are suitable for users with an average level of activity, who want to improve and/or maintain their fitness and health. Bi-weekly sessions are suitable for more active users who want a bigger challenge to train their bodies to create even more energetics or supportive myokine effects.
  • Can I use BIXEPS on both legs in a single session?
    Certainly! But more is not always better. We know from our users that using our devices on one leg each week is sufficient to create sufficient myokines that create systemic health benefits and enable users to have better function. In addition to enabling physical activity, our muscles also play the role as a signaling organ that tells the rest of the body that it is being exercised and to adapt. In response to its activation, either through exercise or our magnetic field stimulation, muscle releases a variety of growth and metabolic factors collectively known as myokines. These signals trigger the rest of the body, including the non-treated leg, to adapt, getting fitter and healthier and ready for more physical activity. These adaptations take time and are also dependent on an individual’s existing health and lifestyle factors (e.g., diet and exercise). While activating both legs would result in more myokine signals, our results show that additional activation is not required for, or will necessarily result in additional gains. Hence single-leg use of BIXEPS is our recommendation as it is more efficient. This same phenomenon is well-known in the field of exercise science and sports, where training more than one muscle group in a single session is discouraged. While this leads to an increase in the adaptation of the muscles directly exposed, it may not necessarily result in faster systemic benefits. In cases where users start frail or with sedentary lifestyles, we recommend easing into things too.
  • Why must I use BIXEPS on my leg when it is not the site of my pain/injury?
    BIXEPS magnetic mitohormesis works by activating the mitochondria within muscle cells. This activation helps to increase energy production in muscles and promotes muscle repair and regeneration. Activated muscles then release signalling molecules, known as myokines, that circulate throughout the body to bring about systemic benefits such as enhanced metabolism and reduced inflammation. Any muscle group exposed to the fields will be activated and generate similar benefits. We therefore target the upper thighs, representing a large muscle mass, to provide the greatest delivery of myokines and provide the greatest benefits on our health and well-being.
  • Will BIXEPS help my muscles to become bulkier?
    No. BIXEPS magnetic mitohormesis encourages oxidative respiration in muscle. This encourages muscle endurance and its ability to withstand fatigue but does not necessarily correlate with an increase in muscle size. In fact, fatigue-resistant muscle is often leaner than other muscle types. Because BIXEPS provides muscles with more energy, you might find yourself having more energy to train harder and longer, and faster recovery post-exercise as well. Depending on the rest of your training programme, BIXEPS could enhance and amplify the outcomes of your various exercises, which could ultimately enhance muscle building as well.
  • Can I replace my regular exercise programme with BIXEPS?
    Can I replace my regular exercise programme with BIXEPS? BIXEPS is NOT a replacement for physical exercise. Physical exercise gets our heart pumping and our blood flowing. Endorphins are released that elevate our mood. Physical activity also improves communication between our nerves and muscles. BIXEPS is designed to improve the efficiency of energy production in muscle that will in the long run facilitate and accelerate your journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.
  • How many weeks should I use BIXEPS for?
    We recommend a 12 week programme in most cases, as a minimum time period for our bodies to adjust and for the benefits of BIXEPS to build and become more obvious. (Note: Some users report improvements in fitness, endurance, pain and function much earlier but we recommend for them to complete the 12 weeks to enjoy the greater benefits that BIXEPS could bring.)
  • How long will I need to continue to use BIXEPS?
    While BIXEPS-related adaptations begin at the cellular level from the time each session commences, larger functional improvements may take time to build and consolidate, depending on individuals starting state and their other training or therapies at the time.
  • If I stop using BIXEPS, will my muscles weaken again?
    Just like exercise, once you stop your BIXEPS sessions, your body will recalibrate and adapt to your new lifestyle. Continued physical exercises are recommended as an active lifestyle and physical exercise will help to maintain users' gains in muscle tone, fitness, and function.

Please proceed below to find the answers for our frequently-asked questions.

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